GÓRKAL cements are adapted to your needs.

We produce a wide range of high-alumina cements and calcium aluminate cements.We have customers in more than 60 countries around the world.

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Used in mixtures offered by the manufacturers of construction chemicals (adhesives, concrete, etc.), and as a component of refractory materials (including refractory concretes).

górkal 50 ikona


A component of refractory products.Hydraulic properties cause that it may also be a component of mixtures for construction chemicals (including self-levelling screed).

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A binding material for refractory products. The white colour of the product means that it is also used in mixtures made by the manufacturers of construction chemicals.

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Used in variety of refractory applications where high temperature resistance is required.

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Our company is based in the town of Trzebinia, located on the motorway connecting Krakow and Katowice.Here, for more than 100 years, we have been manufacturing cement sold throughout Europe.In the meantime, Europe has changed, the countries and regimes have changed.In our country, the technology of production, types of cements (previously Portland cements, now calcium aluminate and high alumina cements) and sales markets have changed.
Since 2000, we have been a part of MAPEI . Supplying GÓRKAL cements to our customers in more than 60 countries on a daily basis, including our friends from the MAPEI Group, we learned responsibility for our products and flexibility in operation.

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  1. Raw materials storage
  2. Grinding of raw materials in ball mills
  3. Mixing an approved charge of raw materials
  4. Sintering of the slurry in a rotary kiln
  5. Grinding of the clinker in a ball mill
  6. Storage and packaging of cement
  7. Electrostatic precipitator

Calcium aluminate cements (e.g. GÓRKAL 40, GÓRKAL50+) are made from two materials: bauxite and limestone.In high alumina cements (e.g. GÓRKAL 70, GÓRKAL 80) bauxite is replaced with alumina.In the process of production, pre-mixed raw materials are ground, and the slurry obtained is collected in tanks.Depending on the desired type of cement, we make corrections to the premix to obtain an approved slurry, consistent with the requirements of the technological process.Thus obtained intermediate product is transported to a rotary kiln.

The main stage of the production process, sintering is carried out in rotary kilns with a length of 85 metres, fired by natural gas, the most "green" energy carrier.This method allows us to achieve a very homogeneous product with the desired mineralogical composition.As a result of sintering the slurry, we obtain clinker, which, after the properly conducted cooling process and after confirming the requirements as to the parameters, using physico-chemical testing, is transported to a grinding mill.Grinding is carried out in rotary ball mills, which use grinders with an increased grindability index.The cement resulting from the grinding process is stored in silos, made of both steel and concrete.

In order to ensure high quality of the cement and to eliminate the risk of preparing a product inconsistent with the specifications, at every stage of the production process, semi-finished products are inspected in our laboratory as well as in external laboratories.The finished product, GÓRKAL cement, undergoes another physico-chemical analysis and mechanical analysis.After confirming the high quality, our cement is packed into packaging in accordance with the Buyer's requirements.Properly packaged and stored, chemically pure GÓRKAL cements in practice retain their properties for up to 12 months.

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Our Policy


Customer satisfaction with the products, measured by striving to achieve "zero complaints."

ISO 9001


Effective measures to protect the life and health of people present and working on the premises of Górki Cement.A measure of achieving this goal is to strive to achieve "zero accidents".

ISO 45001


Minimal impact on the environment and respect for natural resources at every stage: from the purchase of raw materials, through manufacturing, to delivery to the customer.

ISO 14001

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