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Sustainability Report

With the aim of fostering a more transparent and open communication towards its own stakeholders, GÓRKA CEMENT Sp. z o.o. (Hereinafter also “Company” or GÓRKA CEMENT or GÓRKA) has decided to publish its first Sustainability Report.

This choice is part of a wider sustainability path undertaken by Mapei Group, to which GÓRKA CEMENT belongs. Starting from 2017, Mapei annually publishes its Sustainability Report at Italian level, sharing with all stakeholders the main results and performances related to sustainability for the parent company and all subsidiaries located on the national territory. The Report describes the main activities carried out to monitor and reduce the environmental impacts related to Mapei’s products and operations and the initiatives in place to value and support its people, as well as the communities in which the Group operates, while continuing to preserve economic performance and make economic results growing.

In line with Mapei Italia Sustainability Report, this document begins with an introductive section followed by four chapters, each one of them dedicated to a specific ingredient of Mapei’s successful recipe: research and development, people centrality, production system efficiency and closeness to the surrounding community.


GÓRKA CEMENT as the part of AMPEI Group recognises all aspect of sustainability as the crucial pillars of business activity.

As the exemplification of that approach, we should mention the certification by EcoVadis, where our performance was rewarded with Bronze status scoring 53/100 and rated as good.