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Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics is a set of principles of ethical conduct, compliance with which is a condition of doing business with the Mapei Group. The Code also discusses all the duties and responsibilities of directors, managers and other employees. This document is an essential tool developed by Mapei to control and prevent any violations of standards governing the Group's operations.

The Code is a "charter of values and principles" relating to the correct behaviour and is not assumed to be a source of detailed operating instructions regulating every aspect of the operation of the Company. The Code is an integral part of the model of the organisation, management and control.

The Mapei Group will make every effort to ensure that the Code of Ethics has been recognised as the standard of professionalism in the activities of all entities with which the Group maintains long-term business relationships, such as advisors, experts, agents, distributors, suppliers and customers. The Mapei Group believes that all business relations should be characterised by transparency, honesty and loyalty. These relations should be free from any conflict of interest between the Company and personal interests.