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High Alumina Cement GÓRKAL 70


The GÓRKAL 70 high-aluminium cement is a binding material for refractory materials. Due to the white colour of the product, the GÓRKAL 70 high aluminous cement is also applied in mixtures of building chemistry manufacturers. The absence of additives and modifiers in the GÓRKAL 70 cement reduces to minimum the risk of negative interaction with other mixture ingredients.

General description

The GÓRKAL 70 refractory cement is a hydraulic binder used for production of concretes, mortars and refractory mixtures. GÓRKAL 70 is made of high-quality raw materials and it is characterised by a contents of aluminium oxide. The mineral phases present in the GÓRKAL 70 cement determine its exceptional properties. The cement has a stable chemical constitution and attains very good mechanical properties in a short time. Due to refractoriness, it can be applied in temperatures up to 1700oC.


The GÓRKAL 70 cement is widely applied in various industries:

  • power engineering,
  • heating engineering,
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy,
  • glass-making and ceramic industry,
  • chemical industry and cement industry.
The cement can be used for making monolithic settings directly in the field or making prefabricates.

Typical chemical constitution:

The manufacturing process of the GÓRKAL 70 cement proceeds under a strict control, which results in a stable chemical constitution.

  • Al2O3 contents 69 - 71%
  • CaO contents28 - 30%
  • SiO2 contentsmniej niż 0,5%
  • Fe2O3 contentsmniej niż 0,3%

Special properties

  • Normal refractoriness min. 158 sP
  • Specific gravity 3,0 g/cm3
  • Dry density 1,1 g/cm3
  • Blaine specific surface 4200 cm2/g - 4500 cm2/g
  • Grain size in the range 0 - 63 µm min. 88%

Mineralogical composition

Basic phase:
  • calcium mono-aluminate CA
  • calcium di-aluminate CA2
Accompanying phases:
  • 12-calcium 7-aluminate C12A7
  • aluminium oxide variation ?Al2O3

Hydraulic properties

Short binding time

  • the beginning time not earlier than after 90 min.
  • the ending time not later than after 8 hours.

Mechanical properties

Cement GÓRKAL 70 attains very good mechanical properties in a short time. Its application in refractory concretes shortens very much the execution time of all works and brings about significant economic benefits:

  • Flexual bending strength after 24 hours >5 Mpa,
  • Compressive strength after 24 hours >30 Mpa.

The high quality of the cement and proper packages allow to store it for 6 months.

You can obtain any additional information at the Sales Office:

Tomasz Turski


(032) 758 10 21

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